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Personal Coaching

What coaching can do for you...


Coaching helps individuals navigate the gap from where they are to where they want to be. Solution focused, motivational, or goal oriented  coaching is available and also integrated in our theraputic treatment plans.


Take charge of the change you need!

Let’s get started tackling some transitions on your path to purpose. Don’t feel frustrated, we need to nix that negativity and confront your challenges.


Rose Monk is a Certified Life Coach (CLC). As your personal development trainer, Rose will work collaboratively with you in confidence to manage motivation, mindfulness, and help you unpack your potential. All that, while investigating your priorities in possibilities, and honing in on your skills for productivity. 


Coaching is a partnership… a powerful connection that generates progress through accountability to keep you focused not frustrated.


If you are seeking life balance, feeling consumed by your career, or stuck in a rut, it is time to invest in yourself!


Start the journey today by taking control and let's design the life you love.  We offer support, new tools, and new ways of advancing through strategically designed methods to motivate change. 


Your choices affect your future.

Ask me...

Inquire about our services: relationship repair, anxiety, ptsd, adhd/add, depression, post concussion, mood, personality, thought processing issues, self-confidence, suicidal ideation, social anxiety, body image, personal struggles, and more.


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Graymatter Clinic, LLC Rates

Individual and Relationship Counseling is offered on a sliding scale according to household income. At this time we accept Mines & Associates only, We are out of network for all other insurance. We accept cash, check, and card for our services.