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RELATIONSHIP THERAPY:  Couples, Family, and Parental

Relationships, Couples, Family, and Parental Therapy

"The quality of a great relationship is not accidental, it is the results of intelligent and consistent efforts. "

- Rose Monk


Couples come to improve their patterns of interacting and deal with their differences. Issues in relationships within a family or marriage, due to each person’s character being unique and having its own set of emotional triggers can be presented and investigated in the safe environment of our therapist's office.


Many issues within a relationship can surface from a past trauma, thought processing problem, or how memories are stored.


Couples come to counseling to improve interaction, intimacy, and learn to communicate effectively while building a life they love and want to live.  

Relationships Therapy

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Inquire about our services: relationship repair, anxiety, ptsd, adhd/add, depression, post concussion, mood, personality, thought processing issues, self-confidence, suicidal ideation, social anxiety, body image, personal struggles, and more.


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RATES - Graymatter Clinic, PLLC

Individual and Relationship Counseling is offered on a sliding scale according to household income for those who need assistance. At this time we accept Mines & Associates and Victim's Comp only, we are out of network for all other insurance. We accept cash, check, health saving card, and credit/debit cards for our services..